Hydraulic Safety Valve - Control Reliable Energy Isolation Valve CREI 03 B1

Hydraulic Safety Valve - Control Reliable Energy Isolation Valve CREI 03 B1

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Used everywhere hydraulic safety is a concern! Exotic Automation & Supply manufactures 2 types of Control Reliable Hydraulic Safety Valves: Energy Isolation & Blocking Valves for all safety application needs. Click here for more information & contact us at (248) 477-2122 / sales@erpc.com for assistance & exclusive pricing.

Control Reliable Hydraulic Safety Valve - Energy Isolation Valve CREI 03 B1

      Sidener's Energy Isolation Valve functions as a two position, 3-way hydraulic valve with redundant valving elements and redundant monitoring. The purpose of the valve is to, when energized, provide a flow path for a flow of hydraulic fluid from its source to the hydraulic system. When de-energized, the valve blocks flow from the hydraulic energy source and vents the hydraulic system to tank.

      Operating Voltage Tolerance: +/- 10%
      Amps Draw: 24VDC - 1.29 Amps
      Duty Cycle: Continuous at 100% Voltage
      Step Response Time at 95%: Energized: 32ms ; De-energized: 40ms
      Operating Temperature: -4F to 160F
      Fluid Compatibility: Hydraulic Fluid according to DIN 51524
      Recommended Viscosity: 30-80 cSt
      Shift Limit at 40 cSt: 70 I/min at rated pressure
      Filtration: 18/16/13 per ISO 4406 (1999)
      Approximate Weight: Ductile - 21lbs / Aluminum - 13lbs
      Mounting Orientation: Unrestricted, Horizontal Preferred
      Maximum Rated Pressure: Steel: P,A,B-5000 PSI T: 3000 PSI, Aluminum: P,A,B,T-3000 PSI

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